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Friday, February 8


I've known for years that there is no such thing as a Palestinian People. What I never realized until reading it at another Israeli blogger's site is that most of the Gazans are in fact of Egyptian decent and not just from a bunch of different Arab countries. They came here in the 30s and 40s to get jobs with the Jewish builders because things were so bad back in Egypt in those days that they decided to try their luck here. Whole tribes of families made the move and for the most part bettered their standard of living beyond their wildest dreams. Then, along came the radical agitators like Arafart and others of ilk who went to work convincing them that they deserve more, and are in fact a separate people when they are not. Now we have the thugs of Hamas doing their best to destroy Israel with the help of Olmert, Barak, Peres and Beilin. And nobody gets it. It just sails right over everyone's head. We forced our own out of their homes and businesses in Gaza, gave it all to the PA which promptly started firing rockets at Sderot and other places in the Negev while destroying any and everything we left behind that might have been useful for them, all the while blaming us for all their problems. Sorry. I'm not buying it. It is not our fault that they allowed their leaders to brainwash them. It is not our fault that they shoot rockets at civilian populations. They shoot at our civilians and yell that they will retaliate if we take out the shooters. Then, when we say we're going to cut off the electricity we supply them, but they don't pay for, they go and organize candlelight protests before we do anything. On the other hand, if an Israeli has trouble paying their electrickery bill they get cut off without so much as a "Sorry".
Recently they decided that they'd go shopping in Egypt and knocked down the fence between Gaza and Egypt, crossed over and wreaked havoc on the Egyptian towns closest to the crossing. Does anyone doubt that there are more than several of them over there just waiting to pull off some more attacks inside Israel like the one in Dimona last week. There is also no doubt that they brought in new and better weapons to use against us from their newly discovered underground firing positions. The picture on this morning's news were blood chilling.
While what the Hamas is doing to us is bad enough, what they are doing to their own is much worse. They have taken people who came here to make a living and improve their lives for themselves and their families and brainwashed, threatened and bullied them to become what is today one of the most violent, corrupt, and yes evil people on earth today, who are encouraged to send their children to be human bombs against the very people who allowed them the opportunity to get ahead.
And no one outside of Israel, and very few inside, can see it. Let there be no doubt about it. They will do the same the rest of the world (you) after they finish us off.


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