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Monday, August 20


I really don't like waking up in the middle of the night because a light bulb turned it self on at maximum brightness in my head. It's even more annoying when it sheds illumination on something so obvious that should have been realized even in the light of day.
Two points were clarified by the middle of the light bulb, one of which leads directly to the second.
It really doesn't matter what the so called palestinians are called unless accuracy is of more importance than anything else. Whatever they are called, they are still an issue that needs to be resolved. That they have managed to convince just about everyone and their uncle that they are a separate entity is irrelevant to the issue simply because they have to be dealt with in the present reality which precludes the originally intended solution which was Jordan before they reinvented themselves as Palestinians. The Jordanians do not want them. They have enough of them there as it is and are trying as hard as they can to stay out of the whole thing. The Egyptians were never really in the mix because Gaza was theirs pretty much by default. They are as scared of them as the Jordanians and for good reason. If the more fanatic Islamist Hamas, (Iran's local proxy) gain more power than they already have, both Jordan and Egypt will in effect have Iranian Islamist fanatics right on their doorsteps. And Israel as a buffer and convenient target will be gone.
Without us as a distraction, it won't be long before a unified Jihad is launched against the West, and it will be too late to stop them by that point.
So, maybe recognizing the Palestinian lie isn't as irrelevant as I think it is because recognizing it is the first step in dealing with them.
So, how do we (and the rest of the world) sort the mess? I'm not sure at this point, but what I am sure of is that America and Europe have to take a good hard look at the whole picture including the historic aspects and stop pandering to, and appeasing them. Someone has to say "Stop" and force the so called palestinians to get their act together and start taking care of their people rather than putting most of the money they are getting in Swiss banks and buying weapons at the expense of building a solid economy for their citizens. That's a start that could possibly lead to them realizing that terror will get them less than a prosperous citizenry will. The problem with that is that they can not really be trusted to do more than pay lip service to the International communities demands in this area. They have yet to live up to so much as one clause in any of the too numerous to count agreements they've signed. It's always Israel that has to make 'good faith concessions'. And that has to stop right now. It's their turn.


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