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Tuesday, August 14


I just rolled in after voting for the Likud party chairman. Do I really have to specify who I voted for, or can you figure it out for yourselves?
Had a quick chat with several of the local Bibi faction and we pretty much agree that Bibi will not only win this primary, he will also be our next P.M. if only because none of the other candidates are in a position to win. I'd much prefer that he win because he's seen as best suited for the job, not just as a last ditch default candidate.
Things are seriously wrong here. From the top, right down to the grass roots. It drives me wild that absolutely no one will take responsibility for their own messes. Our fearless leaders act as if laws are for others; not them. Sorry, but if you want to pose as a democracy, the laws apply to you too.
Lately we've had several incidents where teenagers killed other teens. I feel really bad for the parents of the dead kids, but, I can not for the life of me figure out why the parents think that anyone in the government is at fault. Those poor bereaved moms set up a protest tent outside Olmert's office. I don't know what they thought the government can do about homicidal teens. Maybe they were hoping that the elected would set an example and resign while taking responsibility for the mess we are now in. That is so not going to happen.
On the local front, our mayor is almost through with his trial. One of papers covered his defense in detail and what I don't 'get' is how he can avoid a conviction. Since when can a candidate for any office use "I didn't know what my people were doing in my name" as a defense? Even if he really didn't know (got a bridge for sale; anyone interested?) what they were doing in his name, he still is the one ultimately responsible for all the illegal shenanigans, and should have resigned immediately the moment the story broke instead of blaming everyone else and besmirching the reputations of those who made the original complaint. Our intrepid mayor really is a piece of work, and I hope he gets a nice long prison term to reflect on it. He really deserves it.
There, I think that's the root of what's wrong with us these days. It's never our fault. Someone else is always at fault and responsible. Things will not get better here until we figure that out collectively. And I'm only talking about things on a personal level, not trying to say that we are at fault for the so called palestinians plight. That is 100 percent their own damn fault.


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