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Thursday, July 19


It's starting to look like Olmert is never going to get the message. He clings to his position irregardless of the investigation reports that lay the blame for the fiascoes of last summer's war, not at his doorstep, but squarely in his lap. It's not bad enough that Olmert and his merry band of men(?) were criminally negligent towards the civilians during that war, he is now doing everything in his power to strengthen the PLO while they sit back and laugh out loud at the Israeli suckers. Abu Mazzen is no better than that Iranian nut case-Achmad in a jar. They are both holocaust deniers. In fact Abu Mazzen wrote his doctorate on the subject. If anyone is naive enough to think that so much as one dollar of the money being sent to the PLO will be used to improve the lot of the so called palestinians, they had best think again. It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that Hamas and PLO are working in lock step against us.
For the life of me I can not fathom why we don't demand that the so called palestinians are held just one of things they've agreed to over the years before we hand everything to them (including our heads on a silver platter) There won't be that much left after the functionaries siphon their cut straight into their Swiss bank accounts. Their people are useful for one thing and one thing only-to be used as pawns against the West.
It's not like we don't have enough trouble with the so called palestinian lot, now we have Assad Jr. telling us and the world that he'll be happy to negotiate a peace treaty with us right after we give him the Golan Heights. It's infuriating that I can actually picture him and Olmert accepting Nobel Piece prizes in Stockholm which is so very close to Oslo, where the whole mess pretty much started. Ah, yes, Oslo. That lovely agreement that only we are held to. The so called palestinians have not implemented so much as one clause of that travesty, whereas we are forever being pressured to give them just a little bit more to build trust. Enough I say. I'm not even going to whine about the rest of world demanding that we concede in areas that no one else has ever had to, nope, instead of whining, I'll just angrily mention it.
Just keep in mind that we go down, the rest of the world won't be far behind. And believe you me, that's no consolation.


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