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Friday, July 13


Things are happening too quickly to keep up. Hizz 'Onner, our mayer somehow got the idiot PM to agree to upgrade the football (soccer) stadium here to the standard required to host matches in the league our football team was elevated to at the end of the last season. That really is the most important thing Kiryat Shmonah needs a year after the war. right? Well, let's see now. 75% of the shelters are still not in any condition to be used. The streets in town are full of pot holes and anyone with a jeep can just drive through town and feel like they are off road; way off road. I've driven on smoother tank trails. Businesses are failing left and right. None of the municipal departments can function properly. And the list goes on. But what we need most is new seating in the stadium. If we were going to have a soccer match to decide a peace treaty, maybe, just maybe, that would justify it, but as that isn't likely, a government that has bazzilions in reserves but is still planning huge across the board cut backs in the next budget just might be able to find something better to put money towards up here.
The only reason Hizz 'onner is still in office despite various legal opinions and a court ruling that pretty much orders the city council to remove him from office is that he is in Olmert's party as is the Interior Minister who has been petitioned to remove him office as well.
We are really losing it. Anarchy is orderly in comparison, and might be better in the long run than the willful disregard for law and order we have now. Oh, yes, there are citizen initiatives to get rid of our mayor but they can't make any progress in an atmosphere like this.
It all goes back to that upside down power pyramid and our losing the only moral guide we had until we became so arrogant. Bibi told me not to despair yesterday and I do think he is the only one who do anything to bring things around, with Uzi Landau, of course. It's not too late, but it's getting close.
There's just no justification for an Israel that has lost her way. We can actually be a Jewish Democracy (not a total contradiction in terms) if we want. All the secular lot has to do is realize that The Torah is what gives us the right to be here in the first place and stop fighting the Religious lot every step of the way. That's not to say that we should be a total Theocracy, but there is room for everyone if only people would stop and think and quit saying "My way is the only way"
There are times when Talmudic Law makes more sense than the system we use today which is pretty much the old British code of law left over from the Mandate, with a smattering of Ottoman leftovers thrown into the mix.
Under Jewish law a criminal owes a debt not just to society as whole, but also to his victim. Somehow that makes more sense to me than the usual 'the criminal must pay his debt to society' and that's the end of it. That bit of law goes back to the days when the Brits were subjects of the crown (owned by the king/queen) making any crime committed was one against the crown. It's well past time for the Jewish State to get back to Jewish justice and become what we are supposed to be- a moral people who can be an example to others rather than craven copycats. That's not to say there isn't room for some modern interpretation. We just have to get back to our roots a little more than we have til now.


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