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Monday, July 2


It's a good thing I was too tired last night to throw a hammer at the TV. Israel 10 did a whole shlockumentary on global warming/pollution and other related stuff. According to the poor misguided gal who narrated it, AlGore is as close to being a god figure as a man can get. And he must be right, after all, he won an Oscar. Never mind that saner voices are now being heard on the subject of global warming-he won an Oscar so he must know what he's talking about. Just look at all the Hollyweird types who agree with him. Come on, Channel 10, there was never an ice age followed by a period of heat? And the other planets are heating up because the populations there are driving big fuel guzzling cars?(tin foil hats, anyone)
This is not to say that we should keep on polluting our world. We really shouldn't, but not because of global warming, rather, because we are doing criminal damage to our environment. Toxic wastes should not be dumped just any old place, sewage should never ever run untreated into our seas, lakes, rivers and streams. That's just plain old obvious, or should be. But not to us Israelis. The Navy is still using a toxic cesspool of a river for training divers. The same river that killed Izchak. I have absolutely no doubt that that river is what made him, and thousands of others sick with strange diseases. Has anything been done to clean it up? Has the government recognized that it killed so many people in the service of their country? Of course not. Are the chemical companies and oil refinery still spilling noxious waste into it? Yes. And is any one doing anything at all about it? No, not one little thing. It seems that if those companies were required to clean up their act, it would be tantamount to admitting that they had been doing wrong for so long and someone just might be liable for it. There's another line of reasoning that says that we have other more pressing issues to deal with;like survival as a country. What they all ignore is that we are going to pollute ourselves out of a country long before the Arabs send us on The Long Swim. G-d gave us this land but it didn't come with a license to destroy it.
We are on a course of self destruction in every single thing these days. We pander to those who would destroy us while ruining the land. The worst part of it is that we are doing it to ourselves at warp speed.


  • At 12:05 AM, Blogger Boe said…

    Yo Miss Gimp!!
    Your article sends shivers up and down this ole willibeaux' spine. Which river are you talking about?

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    Yo Mr. WilliBeax!
    That would be the Kishon. It runs past several chemical companies, the oil refinery and a few other disgusting places and straight into the Haifa Bay. People talk about it and a few suits have been filed by divers who trained there, but nothing is being done about.
    I'm not a crazed tree hugger but there are limits to the damage we should allow ourselves to do.

  • At 3:43 AM, Anonymous xpressit said…

    That just proves it. You lost for a way to express something in English? Please. "shlockumentary", there's the style of a golden tongue. Gobsmacked is not slouching either. 4 stars (not 5 because I know your holding back, humility again.)


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