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Sunday, June 17


Barak certainly didn't waste any time getting rid of Peretz. In a move that shouldn't have surprised anyone, he went behind Peretz's back and with a phone call or two to Olmert in America put himself in as the new Minister of Defense. There was a cabinet vote by phone and Peretz was gone. Not that it's a bad thing that he's gone, but, if you are going to do that to a guy at least have the courtesy to tell him. It's the same old Barak who up and took the IDF out of southern Lebanon ahead of the schedule he'd previously announced.
This latest move could prove to be very expensive for him. It gives Bibi an even better chance at trouncing him in the next election. Not only was Barak's move against Peretz cowardly to say the least, he didn't even wait 48 hours to break his first campaign promise. He said that he wouldn't make any decisions about joining the present government until a date for new elections was agreed on. Huhn? He's taking over as Defense Minister on Tuesday and no date for elections has been discussed, never ming decided.
I'm kind of glad that he wasn't in his new office when the katyushas hit town a couple of hours ago. I have a feeling that same group who sent those over today just might give him a welcome gift on Tuesday. With Olmert and Livni both out of the country right now, I rather doubt that Peretz will even think about another adventure in Lebanon. The Lebanese government and hizzbullies were as surprised by the katyusha as we were. All the security types are saying it was just done in sympathy for the situation in Gaza by an Al Qaeda backed group. Their aim was so bad that they only hit a Pontiac outside a local water factory another parking lot and a UN post inside Lebanon. Thankfully no people were hurt.
Things sure are going to be interesting here for a while.


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