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Thursday, June 21


While Striar and I were flitting around Haifa's suburbs, the good folk of Kiryat Shmonah were getting all worked up over a rumor. There were whisperings of impending katyusha launchings that was somehow connected to yet another kidnapping of soldiers along the border. Businesses closed, parents took their kids out of school and generally just panicked. No katyushas landed an no soldiers have been reported missing and no mention was made on the news of Kiryat Shmonah's self proclaimed state of emergency. Today the conspiracy theories were rampant. 'Nothing was on the news because they still aren't sure'
was one. There were several other I couldn't quite follow because they were so strange and convoluted.
Israel is too small a country for anything like that to stay a secret for long. And there were a lot of sheepish faces in town today on the faces of those who went straight into panic mode. I'm glad I was out of town for the whole brouhaha.
On the other hand there is a funny feeling in the air up here. It's a little like the time just before last years war. I'm too tired and hurt too much to get into any more depth on it right now, but I will continue this tomorrow.


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