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Thursday, July 12


Never mind all the damage the man is doing to the country, today he went too far, and caused me much discomfort. The most direct rout to the store I need to go to was blocked by security types because Mr. Olmert was in town. I had to go around in a huge circle just to buy some light bulbs.
Our Mayor, who is in Olmert's party has no trouble at all inconveniencing everyone.
Our mayor is on trial now for all kinds of political shenanigans but still in office. An investigation was recently started into the activities of another mayor in the country and if they find anything it's an easy bet that he'll be sent home. Our criminal mayor refuses to budge and even though just about everyone in a position to kick him out is stymied by Olmert and his cohorts. Our mayor is one of the worst in the country. I hope he goes to jail and gets a cell with Olmert, who should be in jail as well for his illegal dealings.
It looks like Olmert's next item on his agenda is to give the Golan Heights to Syria. He must be stopped, and stopped immediately. He called on Assad to negotiate with him and Assad's flunky's reply was, "Give back the Golan, then, we can negotiate a peace treaty" That should have set some warning lights somewhere. What worries me is that the Europeans and Yanks just might try to pressure into doing just that.
I'm wasted from being out way too long today. I'll pick this up later.


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