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Saturday, August 4


In the 1950s the then government of Israel decided not to import and use the new anti polio vaccines and the surviving results of that decision are now starting to suffer from post polio syndrome. There has been talk about compensating them for that horrendous decision for years and recently the Knesset passed a law to pay a fairly generous one time compensation and a monthly addition to their disability benefits. The process was supposed to start in September but now our criminal government is trying to get out of it. For that alone I think they should all be sent to prison, or given polio themselves.
Even worse there has been a lot of talk recently about government treatment of holocaust survivors. Much was said back in the day about the neccessity of a Jewish homeland for the survivors, and they were indeed brought here after WWII. The German government paid millions of marks both to the governmemt of Israel and to individual survivors who are now dying daily in large numbers. The great majority of those who are still alive live well under the poverty line, and the government lead my that Olmert man has ever so generously offered to give them an additional 80 shekels ($18.30) a month. The survivors had planned a demonstration along side of one by the polio victims tomorrow. It seems the survivors have been promised more money and have cancelled their plans to demonstrate. The polio folks are still going to demonstrate and I just hope the survivors don't regret their decision to cancel. This government can not be trusted for a minute to keep their word about anything.
I'm taking Rivkah home tonight and going to the demonstration tomorrow even though polio is not one of the things I suffer from. The way I look at it, it's everyone's fight. Not only was the vaccine not imported, many polio kids were experimented on medically with life long consequences. They deserve all the compensation they can get and I'm more than happy to help them fight for it.
This government really does have to go.


  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger Boe said…

    Yo Mis Gimp!! What a bummer!! Ya' gotta' get dat der bad motorcyle BiBi in der ASAP. You and our Jewish brothers and sisters are in our prayers.


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