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Saturday, July 28


Talk about arrogance! Olmert is unbelievable. He has pretty much told our High Court of Justice that he intends to defy them and to keep their nose out of his business. The three hospitals closest to the border have demanded that government build more protection against rocket attacks for them. They were all hit last summer and Olmert is refusing. When the hospitals threatened to go to the high court he announced that decision is the government's, not the court's and the court had best stay out of it. ECUUUUSE ME. Those are front line hospitals. Those are the hospitals the wounded are taken to. Civilian and Army. AND HE DOESN'T WANT TO BEEF UP THE PROTECTION? The guy has to go and if not for the whopping 3% popularity he presently enjoys, then for his complete and utter incompetence. He should get treatment for his delusions of infallibility. The guy is a menace. He just handed 30,000 guns over to Abu Mazzen's "security forces" along with millions of dollars. It's a given that it won't be long before it all falls to into the hands of Hamas, and turned against us. It's not paranoia talking, just listen to the Hamas. Olmert is much worse than Sharon, or even Rabin. You really have to be deaf dumb (as in stupid) and blind to think that any amount of aid from Europe and the US and Israel will stop Hamas and be able to prop up Abu Mazzen who is himself a terrorist.
Lately he's been paying lip service to idea of acknowledging Israel's right exist. It might be a good idea to listen in on his speeches to his 'people' in Arabic. He has talking out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously perfected.
Olmert is desperate for a visit to Stockholm to pick up a Peace (piece) Prize with his good pal the blind Syrian eye doctor who recently met and closed a deal with Achmedinajar for modern weapons and training. Nassrallah of Hizzbully fame was there too, and they are planning their next war to get rid of us, if we don't give them what they want. Assad wants the Golan, and Lebanon. The Iranian dictator has agreed to back him up on that with hizzbully help. And as usual, the whole world is not saying so much as one word about it.
Does no one understand that if we go, Europe and the US are next? Actually they don't much care about the order. They plan to have it all.


  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger Boe said…

    Yo Mis Gimp
    By golly it appears to me that Olmert's mind has snapped. Instead of the Peace (piece) Prize, he ought to be awarded the dumba** award of the century (20th & 21st). Are you sure that his feet haven't been run over by a half-track? Maybe his head instead. Come on BiBi, jump in 'er and kick some butt.
    Is Assad the blind Syrian eye Doctor?

  • At 6:33 AM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    Yo, Mr. Boe!
    Senilty is a scary thing in anyone, but more so in a prime minister.
    Yes, the blind eye doctor is Assad or a sod. Another Middle East head case.


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