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Wednesday, July 25


Things are spinning further and further out of control by the hour. Mr. Arrogant Olmert is openly defying the government ombudsman and the members of the Winograd commission and has stated that he will not, repeat resign. He's even trying his trusty method of getting his most vociferous opponents to join the government. That's the method he used to in effect destroy Avigdor Leiberman, who was an outspoken opponent of Olmert until he was lured into a cabinet post that has shut him up. Poor Yvette thought he'd be able to change things from inside the inner circle. He kind of forgot that it doesn't work like that here. Now Olmert is trying to get Bibi to join up. I'm hoping and praying that he won't. In fact I'm pretty sure he won't. Bibi is smarter than that and he knows that he must find a way to bring about Olmert's downfall as soon as possible. The other Ehud has to go too. This is by far the most corrupt bunch of politicians it has been our misfortune to vote into office yet, and we've had some pretty bad ones. These are the worst. They are sitting back waiting for a miracle to make the Hamas stop shooting qassams at Sderot, and actually seem to think that Abu Mazzen is one of the good guys, and will renounce terror once his little kingdom in the West Bank is stabilized with the help of Tony Blair and Olmert. Ain't going to happen.
It's long past time that we tell everyone involved and those who think they want to be involved that we are not making so much as half a concession to Abu Mazzen until he makes good on all the ones he was supposed to fulfill after Oslo. It really is that simple.
But our government is a bunch of balless wonders who are scared of their own shadow. They are the original 'cut and run' bunch.


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