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Monday, August 6


If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny. Our fearless Prime Minister is so scared of a bunch of cripples in wheelies that he brought in police and anti terror back up to protect himself from us. On second thought, maybe he was right. We can be a dangerous bunch when we get going. After the 1999 and 2002 demonstrations all the government ministry buildings have been barricaded so that the public they serve and which pays their salaries can't get in. One of the organizers was talking with the head cop and he made a comment about the building not being 'his' Boy oh boy did he get a lecture from me about it in fact being his as it is also ours. Not that it did any good. We had two people who had to charge their electric chairs and the security jerks wouldn't let them come 3 meters inside the outer barricade to use the outlet in the guard shack. That really set me off and one the cops actually had the unmitigated gall to tell one of them to stop moving all over the place so he wouldn't need to recharge the batteries. I'm lucky I wasn't arrested for yelling at him that day might well come when he'll be in the same situation, and that as he pace back and forth on his own two feet, that's exactly what Avi was doing on his scooter. In the end they let him take the scooter in, but he had to wait outside the barricade on someone's spare wheely. It really is too much. In the end it was decided to make a partial payment to the polio people, but we might well be back to make them hand over the rest. At least that gives some time to organize a small scooter to take. I simply can't manage that area in a regular wheely and I can't get Harley Too in the car.
This government really doesn't want to go there with us. I have a picture of the cops talking with Avi. I'll add it here later. Along with some others of the demonstrators.


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