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Sunday, September 2


Today was the first day of the new school year in Israel. By some miracle most of them opened on time with no trouble from the teachers union, which was unusual in that the teachers sort of have a tradition of starting a strike at the beginning of the school year. I'm not sure if all the damage done to the schools here in town after last summers' war has been repaired (probably not) but school started on time here.
HOWEVER, the school children in Sderot were welcomed back on their first day back with barrages of Kassam rockets. That's bad enough in and of itself, but that Olmert and Barak are just carrying on as if nothing happened is sick. Those two are so busy pandering to Abu Mazzen that Hamas is getting away with attempted murder. Make no mistake. So much as one kassam can not be fired from any place in Gaza without Hamas approval. It just can't happen.
Things are going to change over here very soon or it will be too late for everyone.


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