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Tuesday, October 18


It's almost too much to bear. I sit and watch the news and think that I should post here, then don't.
Unbelievable as it was to me, we actually went ahead with the Gaza withdrawal and removed ever single settler from Gaza and dumped them in all kinds of temporary housing and have ignored them ever since. Supposedly there were plans for their resettlement in Israel proper, but thousands are still in hotels, with no jobs, no schools and very little hope for the future. I guess an argument could be made that they knew it was coming and should have made plans, but that really was the government's job. We are so going to pay for that, not only financially through the national budget, but in every other way possible. The transfer of Gaza to the so called Palestinians was far from smooth and the barrier between Gaza and Egypt was wide open, allowing all kinds of stuff and people (terrorists) to cross into Gaza. No one lifted a finger to stop it, not Abu Mazzen's thugs, nor the Egyptians, who supposedly were patrolling the 'border' for that very reason. Now the P.A. is demanding a way to get from Gaza to the West Bank without Israeli interference. Translate: they need a way to get weapons and terrorists from Gaza to the W. Bank. Abu Mazzen and Arikat are also whining that they can't do anything about it without ammunition for the weapons we gave them under the Oslo accords. Hmph. They also want us to stop rounding up know terrorists in the W. Bank, and blame us for the attacks on that basis. Ok, maybe they are having a hard time stopping the terrorists without ammunition, but they certainly aren't doing anything to explain to their people that terror isn't the *way* any more. Not a thing has changed in their news, schools, or sermons. We are still the Zionist enemy, and it is every good Muslims duty to rid of the world of us. If only our lot would stop playing into their hands, and look for a new strategy, and get the spin cycle adjusted, we might get somewhere, but Sharon is riding high now, after his victory in the Likud's Central committee, so he'll just continue with the tried and mistakes that have never worked and never will. He should take a time out and rethink the whole thing, instead of continuing on this road to self destruction. It would also be a good idea to sort the settlers, but he's forgotten them now that he's gotten them out of his way.
If all that isn't bad enough, the so called Palestinians now know that armed resistance will get them what they want, so why should they stop and try peaceful methods? No reason I can think of.
The WAll. We started building a security wall to keep the terrorists out, but it's going nowhere fast. Large parts are still unbuilt and everyone and his uncle want it torn down in spite of the fact that it's actually working in the places it's been built. The terrorists just take advantage of the gaps and manage to get through. Yeah, alright, fewer than before the wall, but if we would just finish it, even fewer would get in.
Ok, enough for now.