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Saturday, February 3


This is one of those things that have to be expressed in the most precise way possible. I hope I get it right here.
It has long been my opinion that the only thing that gives us (the Jewish People) the right to be here is The Torah. G-d gave us this land way back when, and we have managed to get ourselves kicked out several times. I'm afraid that we are well on the way to being kicked out again because we have forgotten not only who we are, but who we are supposed to be, and the source of that right.
As G-d's chosen we are not a privileged group chosen to be rulers of anyone, other than of ourselves, but rather to be "a light (example by doing) to other peoples. That's a pretty tough job in the best of times. When we start acting like everyone else because so many of us have bought into Liberal Secular ways, it's impossible. I'm not saying that we have to be like the fundamentalist Ultra Orthodox Jews, but we at the very least must recognize the document (Torah) that gives us the right to be here. Not an easy line to toe, but if we don't wake up PDQ it will be all over.
Our insane race after secularism will soon be our downfall. What kind of example are we to others or even ourselves? A very bad one on just about any issue of morality these days. We look to the decadent Western Culture for just about everything these days, at the expense of our own moral guide. This will be our downfall.