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Monday, December 24


It really is a pity that the only time of year that Bethehem, Nazareth, and other places associated with Jesus are talked about is Christmas time. Our news usually only covers the festivities, or lack thereof, in Bethlehem. Very few talk about what has been happening in those other places that have been Christian for centuries, over the last few decades. I don't have the exactt population statistics, but, it is obvious to anyone who knows those places (I am quite familiar with Nazareth) that the muslims have managed to take over and have run many Christians out of town. Not the Jewish population, the muslim. And they have done it very much by design. They terrorize the Christians. demand payment for protection,and make life impossible for them and the Christian world sits quietly by while all this goes on, or blames us for it. Ok, I guess maybe we are to blame in so far as we "allow" the muslims to get away with it,but, maybe the Christian world should wake up and start making some noise about their holy places, homes, cities, and sites, being taken over by muslims.
Anyone remember the mosque they tried to build in the courtyard of the church in Nazareth? In the end, the Israeli government put a stop to that nonsense. How long will it take before they manage to build it, not in the courtyard, but over the church itself? It's bad enough that world Christianity is pretty much sitting on their hands about these muslim attempts to take over, without realizing what will happen if they succeed in destroying Israel. We have been the guardians of all the religious sites of all religions. How long will it take for the muslims to take them over and obliterate them? Never mind allowing free access?

Thursday, December 20


I am well and truly outraged on behalf of the residents of Sderot. They are taking a daily pounding by the peace loving Hamas, and our duly elected government refuses to provide minimum shelters for them.
Back in the day when we were dodging katyushas up here at least all buidings were built with shelters and security rooms were built on to all the apartment blocks. The present government has been ignoring it's primary function, indeed the primary function of any goverment which is to protect it's citizens from threats. Olmert had the nerve to tell the Supreme court that it was none of their business how or if his government provided protection. And they let him get away with it. Granted, effective shelter from those rockets can not be provided overnight, but, if work on a solution isn't started, they'll never have one.
There were actually people who thought that things would change for the better by appeasing the PLO (make no mistake; Fatah is the PLO) and Hamas. Just look where that got us, Sderot under constant bombardment. There was an airstrike in Gaza that killed a few Hamas types and sent the other scrambling for cover, so no rockets were launched for a few hours. Mark my words. The brave Hamas leaders went to ground, underground to get out their longer range, more destructive rockets. The fun and games have barely gotten started.
Maybe we can't turn the clock back and undo all the stupid things we've done since Oslo, but it really is time to start trying to figure a way out of this mess Rabin, Peres, Sharon, Olmert et al have gotten us into. Just think about it for a minute. Not one, not a single one of the 22 Arab countries has ever so much as lifted a finger to help their so called palestinian brethren. Not a one. Could it be that they know something we refuse to see?
Jordan was supposed to be their state, but the Brits screwed up by handing Sodding Arabia to the sodding Saud family and had to give Jordan to the Husein crowd, and none of them want anything to do with that newly discovered people-the palestinians. It's just another of those lies that's been repeated so often that it's now widely accepted as the truth. Sorry, but in my book the constant repeating of a lie does not make it any more true than it was the first time it was said. It well and truly infuriates me that we, as a whole have swallowed that one hook line and sinker. Israel is going down for the third time and our leaders either failed basic lifeguarding or just don't care as long as they can stay in office, even as the water is lapping at their chins.