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Wednesday, July 20


Imagine me speechless. Kinda hard, right? Well, it happened yesterday as I watched the news and realized just how insane our fearful leaders are. They are even more wacko than nuts behind the Waco Texas fiasco. Protesters against the withdrawal have been surrounded by the army and police in a village down south not far from the Strip. This to prevent them from marching to Gaza, and organizing there to thwart the withdrawal. Busses were stopped as far away as Kiryat Shemonah to prevent protesters from joining the main group at Netivot. Too bad I didn't know there was a bus leaving town for it. Had I known, I would have been on it. This is too insane for words. Every year at this time there is a celebration of the Babba Sali's life in Netivot where he's buried. This year it coincided with the withdrawal and it was planned that after the celebration, a march to Gaza would be held. The Powers That Be shipped every available cop and soldier south and they all linked arms and blocked the march. At some point they let them through and they all went into a village called Cfar Maimon where the cops and all locked them in and are refusing to let them out until they agree to be escorted (ESCORTED) home. It seems to me that there is something not quite right about this happening an a country that calls itself a democracy. Of course while this insanity is going on, the criminals are having a field day as there are no cops available to arrest them. They are all busy preventing the crime of protest by people who don't want to be forced from their homes by a lie. Of course these are the same people who wanted a referendum on the withdrawal, and who agreed to abide by it's results, as Sharon agreed to abide by the results of the vote in the Likud Central Committee, but didn't! That would be the very same Sharon who campaigned against this very plan but changed his mind no sooner than he won reelection and is now demonizing the people who were foolish enough to believe him and vote for him. And he dares call them the criminals in this. My head aches just thinking about it. Of course the media is doing it's best to help the bad guys by reporting that all the cops are out putting down the Jewish insurgents and thusly encouraging the crime wave, not to mention aiding and abetting the Hezbolla by telling them the army is spread thin up here. I'm expecting katyushas any time now. It's just too much.

Saturday, July 16


Abu Mazzen is trying to take back control of Gaza in an attempt to stop the Hamas from shooting kassam rockets at our settlements before the withdrawal. He's not having any noticeable success. It's obvious that all he wants is to consolidate his hold on the PA and get us out with as little trouble as possible. He can denounce terror as much as he wants, but, I don't buy it. Nor should anyone else. He's one of the old guard committed to destroying us one way or another. It was a colossal mistake to bring the Tunisian gang back after they'd been kicked out of every other place they were exiled to rather than insisting that the so called Palestinians who stayed put and were getting along with us just fine, be allowed to elect their own leadership from within. There is little to no doubt in my mind that had that happened, the so called Palestinians would have had their own State long ago and we would be getting along just fine and all the terror would never have been. It infuriates me that absolutely no one talks about this. It's a mistake we have to recognize and try to rectify. I'm not sure it can be fixed at this point. The terror gang is too well entrenched and even after the old guard dies off, the younger ones are poised to take over and continue. Things will not change unless the general population in the PA wakes up and kicks them out and demands the chance to run things *their* way and not the *Tunisian* terrorist way. Not much chance of that happening though. Things could have so different if only our government had not made that one unrectifiable mistake. Boy oh boy , was it a doozy!

Wednesday, July 13


How not surprising that a terrorist blew himself up along with a bunch of innocent people on a crosswalk near the mall in Netanya yesterday. At least this time the group claiming responsibility had a new reason. He blew himself up in protest over the security wall that we are dragging our feet building. It had nothing to do with the Maccabia Games-aka- the Jewish Olympics. Yeah, right. Wanna buy a bridge? The wall bothers them because the purpose of the wall is to keep them and their bombs out. With any luck, this 'brave act of martyrdom' will give the Jerusalem jerks a push in the right direction.
I found it a bit ironic that this attack created even more disabled people who will be excluded from attending the games as all of us were this year. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that disabled folks wanting to attend the games would not be able to. No reason, just no access. I'm amazed that the various delegations didn't put a stop to that by refusing tp participate until us crips were allowed in. I wonder if they also banned the disabled delegates from the bridge collapse? I think I'll check it the gimp forum later. It also surprised me that the head crips didn't call for a demonstration outside the stadium. You betcha I would have hopped a bus and gone.
After days of hemming and hawing and saying that the London attack was not the work of suicide bombers, the Brits have now discovered that it was indeed their handiwork. It should come as no surprise that the PC police are carefully picking their way through a linguistic minefield to not use the words Islamic terrorists so as not to cause a backlash against the Muslim white hats. I'll also bet that yesterday's attack here strengthened Blair's idea that the solution to Muslim terrorists in Britain is peace here in Israel and that if the ragheads say the wall is an impediment to peace, we have to pull it down and let the ragheads blow us up at will. Somehow I miss the logic here. Give in to terror in one place and watch it blossom and grow world wide.
there was a bit of excitement on the northern border yesterday, but not in our area. The west got it, but no one was hurt. Nassralla wants to keep the border on a slow boil.
Our talking heads say it's internal Lebanese politics, but, again, as with most things here, I can't quite find the logic. The theory goes that the Hizzies want to prove to the Lebanese that are needed as an armed militia to keep us in line. Huhn? If keeping the border area simmering and generally causing trouble is what they think is a good way to show how and why they should no have to turn in their weapons and become a political only party, then, I miss the logic. If this were to happen in any other part of the world, they would have proven the exact opposite-why they should be disarmed. My head is aching. Nothing makes sense over here, or anywhere else.

Monday, July 11


In waiting to post my thoughts on the attack in London, Carolyn Glick beat me to again. You can read it here.
To say that I was horrified to see the carnage on Sky News would be putting it mildly. But hearing the running commenrary by the Sky reporters was almost as bad. Like maybe there was any doubt that it was a terror attack? I remember feeling the same disbelief even after the second plane hit the WTC and some Fox reporters were still in doubt. Of course it might just have been disbelief caused by the shock of it all, but after 9/11 and Madrid, there really couldn't be any doubt. Come on people. Then to hear Blair say that the solution to this kind of terror is an Israeli Palestinian peace agreement just about sent me round the bend. Is he not listening? The so called Palestinian idea of peace is no Israel and no Jews. Those jihadists have stated over and over that their goal is to make the whole world an Islamic empire and stamp out infidel democracy. The time to start listening to what they say is well past.
If the Spaniards think they are safe because they pulled out of the Iraq coalition, they can just wait until the jihadists decide it's time to terrorize them into doing things their way. It's not far off.
I suppose the French and Germans are congratulating themselves for being against the War on Terror as they haven't had an attack yet, but, they will, make no mistake in thinking their day won't come. They will soon be called on to appease their radical muslim population and if they don't do it quickly enough and to their complete satisfaction-BOOM.
There does seem to be a bit of sense being shown by the citizens of France and Holland who rejected the EU "constitution" which would have been a good vehicle for expanding the jihadist agenda in the long run by diluting the various countrie's ability to act independently on just about any issue affecting them.
Our news lot are too infuriating for words. Some of them are taking the Brits to task for not having as efficient an emergency response as we have. Few bodies have been identified and they actually seem to think that one agency or another will be able to find the perpetrators. Don't count on it. They are long gone, and even if you buy into the theory that it was the European branch of Al Quaeda, and that there's a chance the actual people who people who planted the bombs might be found, there's still the larger organiztion which is busily planning an encore. Those fantics want it all their way and won't stop until they either win or are wiped out. It's just that simple.

Friday, July 8


Orange is my least liked color. It does absolutely nothing for me. I just don't like it. But that isn't stopping me from wearing it and having orange streamers tied to Harley Too's mirrors. Orange is the color the soon to be evicted settlers chose to symbolize their struggle against Sharon's insane insistence on withdrawing from Gaza no matter what. The man is most certainly certifiably insane, as well as senile, and most likely in advanced stages of dementia. He just can't pass up an opportunity to attack the settlers who disagree with him with every vile, arrogant, untrue bit of invective he can dredge from the ruin of his mind. He also dares to claim that they/we are dangerous to democracy. Excuuse me? Democracy? In Israel? Sharon? He should be locked up for that alone. this is the man who swore he would never give up the territories in order to be elected. He was no sooner elected than he did a 180 and announced that there was no choice but to pull unilaterally out of Gaza. His party's central committee didn't like that one little bit and held a vote on the issue. Sharon promised to abide by the vote, then did another 180 and carried on all the while saying that he won the election and that was as much of a referendum as anyone needed. He of course completely ignored the annoying fact that he was elected only because he swore not to do what he is now hell bent on doing. Democracy? I don't think so.
If all that isn't enough, he attacks those who disagree with him on a daily, no, hourly basis. This insanity has been going on since the day he was reelected and rather than doing the right/correct/democratic thing and either having new elections or a referendum, he's going ahead no matter what. This in spite of the fact that very little has been done to ready new homes for the evicted settlers. There have been several demonstrations against the withdrawal, mostly pretty restrained. Last week there was an ugly incident where some hooligans spilled oil and ninja nails on a main junction. Of course it was the settlers, there's no doubt in spite of the fact that the criminals who did it have not been caught. Geee, it couldn't possibly have been the handiwork of provocateurs, could it? Of course most of the road blocking has been done by settlers from the West Bank(a much more radical bunch) who will soon be in the same situation as the Gazans.
We had a bit of a wild night up here in the north last week. My old pals the Hezbollah crossed the UN approved border and got caught. Both sides got in a shooting match and one of our soldiers was killed. And we got one of theirs. We can hear the artillery in town and Pegasus mostly ignores it. Suddenly there was a loud boom that sounded like a katyusha. Peg did his flying dog imitation and landed on me shaking all over. I called my reporter and told him. Peg is an infallible predictor of things going boom that shouldn't. The whole town was in a panic that katyushas were landing. The news reported that the shelters were open,(they weren't) and later we found out that the Katyusha was in fact a missile that fell off a helicopter(ours) and hit between a moshave called Margaliot and my old neighborhood in town. Pegasus still has his 100% rating. It was indeed something that should not have gone boom. Sometimes I just don't know why we bother. We get all worked up about the Hezbollah,(Nassralla is one leader you can believe, he has promised a day full of surprises on withdrawal from Gaza day, and I believe him) then shell ourselves by accident.
Israelis pride themselves on being politically savvy, we are, with a few exceptions a country of people who take sides for no good reason and with very little thought. It always amazes the locals that I can back up my opinions with facts and not emotion. Israelis are either Likud, (right), Labor, (leftish) or Meretz, (left) for the simple reason that their parents were. We/They have no idea where to go for accurate information which is needed to form an opinion. It's exhausting, it is.