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Tuesday, April 10


After following the story of the kidnapped Brits, I am very disappointed with Uncle Tony. There was absolutely no question that the victims were in Iraqi waters when they were grabbed. I kept hoping that Uncle Tony would tell that Ahmed In a Jar guy that if he wants a nuke, he can have one. No negotiations beyond "Give them back now, or you will get that nuke you are so desperate for" Short sweet and to the point. What ever happened to no negotiations for kidnap victims? Once upon a time it was the way things were, officially, until the wimps decided that prisoner exchanges were the way to go. I detest that our government plays that game. Exchange 1000 so called palestinians for 3 of our guys who were grabbed for just that reason. Granted our army isn't much of a deterrent any more (thanks a whole bunch Olmert) but enough is enough. Of course buying into the palestinian lie annoys me even more than the prevalent attitude that our soldiers have to be pampered. I don't want our soldiers to be injured or killed but, what the hells do we have an army for?