A Gimps View From The North

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Tuesday, March 4


Last week our idiot leaders sent the army into Gaza in the hopes of stopping the kassam and grad katyusha attacks from there.We had a few tense days up here because we knew that it wouldn't be long before katyushas started flying up here.
Yesterday our troops were pulled out of Gaza, having accomplished exactly nothing. Rockets are still flying down south while the Gazans are claiming a major military victory over us. The only victory they has was in media manipulation. As usual, most foreign reports started by saying that we attacked Gaza, and a few added the reason towrds the end, after they'd shown footage of injured Gazans and bombed buildings. Never mind the hundreds of rockets they shot at us, the Israelis they injured and killed, and the property damage and the trashed economy of Sderot. It's just a bunch of stiff necked Jews, after all.
It won't be long before we have to go in and finish the job. When we do, the good folks to the north will join the party with a nicely calligraphed invitation from Achmadinajar.
I can't adequately describe the outrage I fell that we are expected to let them shoot at us whenever they please, tell lie after lie, while we are encouraged to be patient. I wonder what the Spanish would do to the Basque region if the Basques started shooting rockets into Spain proper rather than just planting the odd bomb here and there. Or the Belgians, if their Flemish folk did the same thing? It seems that just the Turks and the Arabs here can get away with it. Who needs Kurds and Jews?
There was a bit of rioting in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Hebron and a few Arab cities inside Israel. Instead of letting them riot, our idiot government should have simply told them all to go home because the kid gloves are coming off and any one still rioting in an hour will be shot. And those who were still there should have been shot,shot to injure, not kill. That's what the Egyptians used to do to rioters, and no one ever said anything to them about it. Of course we'll never do that because it's much more important to show the world that we are better than they are. You don't see nightly news reports of us shooting rockets indescriminately at civilian targets, do you? That's because we don't, even though they'd like you to think that. We don't put women and children in harm's way to use for media manipuplation. They do. When they shoot kassams at Sderot everyone runs for cover, but isn't it at least worth a question that women and children in Gaza are always right where the trouble is, instead of safely at home?
I think I'll just stop here. The injustice upsets me too much.