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Saturday, August 19


Granted, I'm on pretty wobbly ground scientifically with this, but, I don't really have the data or ability to do it right. On the other hand, I've been following it for years in my own way since 1980. And I bet the science will back it up.
Whenever there's a crisis with our 'neighbors' and we do the right thing-not the politically correct thing-THE RIGHT thing, we get good weather, when we do the wrong the thing the weather is bad. If we mess up in winter, there's next to no rain, if in summer, it gets hellishly hot. It just happened again. During the war, the weather was beautiful, hot, but not too hot. It was comfortable in the shade and not at all humid. We no sooner stopped than it got hot and humid. Really HOT and really humid. Ick. I'm willing to bet that we won't get much rain this coming winter unless we end up back in the fight and doing it right. Of course, there are rarely wars or fighting here in winter.
Just look at last winter; after we left Gaza-no rain, well, there was some, but far from enough or even average.
It's not a matter of religious observance. It's a matter of doing what we are supposed to do.
This last round with Hizzbullies was one big mess from beginning to end. Our fearless leaders from that Olmert jerk to the idiot Minister of Defense,Foreign Minister Finance Minister (he's another whole story) et.al. just didn't do their jobs. I don't much care at this point that Barak (Falula Face) and Sharon are even more at fault for not doing a thing about what was going on in Lebanon with the Hizzbullies from the second Falula Face turned tail and ran and let them dig their tunnels and bunkers and bring in tons of weapons. Hell, *I* knew it was going on (common sense) but they had the intelligence reports and ignored it. Do not even try to tell me that a guerilla group can not be defeated militarily. They could have been defeated if we'd done it 'right' from the start and not hesitated. There is no excuse for the public relations fiasco. It was almost as if we didn't know what they are capable of in that area. They had absolutely no problem making things up as they went along. How many times did a nice clean toy show up on top of rubble and the same people end up in pictures flashed around the world crying over things that never happened. And do not forget Cana 2. A fabrication from beginning to end with dead bodies trucked in from morgues. There's also the casket lie. When asked why there were lots of empty caskets lying around the answer was that they had been damaged by our bombs. Think they were going to tell the world that they weren't burying their dead so they could manufacture massacres? Did we forget the fact that they don't bury in caskets? When was the last time anyone saw a terrorist funeral with the dead guy in a casket? Never! They wrap 'em up in a shroud and bury them, just like we do. Remember the dead guy in Gaza that jumped up from his stretcher and ran off?) No caskets.....And we never bothered to point that out. They also used civilians as shields, then ran inside, put on a dress and blended in with real civilians, all while shelling civilians on our side of the border and whining about us destroying innocent people. HA! It's just too infuriating for words and the world almost bought it. Actually a fair amount of the world did buy it. Their hero, Nassralla is claiming victory from his bunker (afraid to come out, Hasan?), and saying that his little organization will not give up it's weapons. In the end they'll 'join' the Lebanese Army and use it as spring board for spreading even more destruction, and the UN and bleeding heart Europeans will them get away with it, because they are scared that if they don't give in, they'll be next. What they are refusing to understand is that they will be next for precisely that reason.
Terrorism of the Islamic variety is still strong and now they are even more dangerous than ever with this wonderful victory under their uniform belt.
It might be good idea to start learning the Koran by heart and practice praying with our butts in the air. Or, an even better idea might be to start looking at ways to stop them, Syria and Iran before it goes much further. Iran is more intransigent than Saddamn ever dreamed of being, and he has that retarded eye doctor from Syria sounding more bellicose than ever talking about taking the Golan back.
Things couldn't be more wrong here if we planned it that way.
Our intrepid press is too occupied with the chief of staff selling stocks (maybe it was just on his "to do today list") on the same day the fighting started and the sexual harassment cases of our president and that sleaze minister of justice and a few others. They do manage to slip in a question or two about what went wrong with war, but, even though just about everyone here knows exactly what went wrong, and why, we are fooling around with non issues. What went wrong was that this whole country lives on the infantile words "Trust us, it will be OK" then forgets to demand answers when it isn't.
There is absolutely no excuse, never mind justification, for what happened and even less for us sitting back and letting them get away with it. The reason it happened is no excuse and until we get the democracy thing sorted, it will just continue as it is. In a proper democracy the power pyramid has the power starting at the bottom with the people, and going upwards towards the top. In this insane country the pyramid is standing on it's head with the power trickling up to the people at the broad 'base' at the top. In other words, and upside down pyramid. It was set up that way back when, and for that reason will be next to impossible to change, because the only people who can change it are the very ones who will lose their power if we do.
Having elections does not a democracy make especially if the already elected *leaders* are the very ones who decide who we will elect.
The pool is open. How long before we're at it again? Please place your bets before Friday.

Monday, August 14


Ok, so the raghead Hizzbullies think they won. Fine, let them, there are just a few little problems there. What exactly did they win? Nassralla said that he kidnapped our soldiers so that he would be able to negotiate their release for the Hbullies and the so called Palestinians.If he had been able to pull that off, there's no doubt that would have been in a position to pretty much control the P.A. and squeeze us from both North and South, not to mention East eventually. Granted that is just about the only success we had-preventing that. We also managed to get the Lebanese government's ass in gear and their agreement to move the Lebanese Army down to the border, along with a beefed up UN force. We also did a lot of damage to the Hbullie's infrastructure which was mostly houses in the South that had tons of missiles and launchers in them. The houses, missiles and launchers are gone and so are not a few tunnel networks. Our Army isn't going anywhere until the Lebanese and UN take over. Then it will be up to us to make sure everyone behaves.
The Hbullies fearless leader has yet to crawl out of his bunker. Wanna bet it's under the hospital in Beirut that we didn't bomb? He has, however, taped a victory speach that will be broadcast soon. That should be interesting. He certainly likes to talk.
The people on our side who are responsible for this will not be taken to task over it. Sharon is dead for all intents and purposes. And Barak is running around polishing his English. They both knew exactly what was going on up there, and instead of stopping it, let it go on. Ok, ok, if my grandmother had wheels.....we can't go back and fix that, I just pray that we'll learn from it.
I also hope and pray that the proper Lebanese government will find the funds to help rebuild the houses and things that were destroyed in S. Lebanon. If they don't and Nassralla gets an open check from Iran we'll be right back to where we were 34 days ago. It's pretty much up to the politicians from now. And shall we not forget that a good number of those poor unfortunate refugees are members in good standing of Hizzbolla? They'll be going home and rebuilding their militia. Why am I not feeling much confidence?
It might be a good idea to go listen to Nassralla now.

Saturday, August 12


It really is the epitome of insanity. The freaking UN has agreed on cease fire terms, which is all good and nice. As far as I'm concerned they can stop shooting at each other right now.
Our government has agreed in principle to the terms, and the Hizzbullies have announced that they defeated the Zionist occupier of Palestine. Their head guy, the one who really does wear a rag on his head seems to have missed the point of the agreement and is acting like he'll be able to get right back to business as usual. I have my doubts. The IDF isn't going anywhere until the real Lebanese army is in place with an international force to back them up and we are going to destroy as much of their infrastructure as we can. I'm willing to bet that in addition their North Vietnamese tunnel network they also have a tunnel to rival the one under the Channel from Syria to where ever.I just hope and pray that our guys find and destroy it (them). There's also UN resolution 1559 that calls for the disarming of all private militias in Lebanon. Do not think for so much as a nanosecond that we'll turn a blind eye yet again to that clause. Ulmert can not get away with that. He's in enough trouble as it is for not doing what had to be done from the beginning, him and his Defense Minister and Chief of Staff. What a mess they made of things. Never mind that the whole thing is actually Barak and Sharon's fault for ignoring the situation up there 6 years. We all knew what was going on right under our and UNIFIL's noses. If only we had done this after the first kidnapping up there, they would not have been able to dig in-literally- and equip themselves to even 1/10th of the level they have achieved.
Now, listen up, all you bleeding heart peace freaks.If you don't want to start learning Arabic and the Koran by heart, and start praying with your butts in the air, you will demand that the Hizzbullies and Iran are dealt with immediately. It really is that simple. We lose=you lose. If you don't believe me, just listen to them.
We over reacted to their provocation. Yeah, right! At least we don't run around doctoring pictures and staging *massacres* We don't use women and children as shields to shoot missiles at anyone. We just sit in shelters for over a month-32 days- and then apologize for accidentally killing the Hizzbullie's human Shields. We also did not make anyone in the line of fire stay there at gun point.
Take it from me, it's not easy to stay in a town that is getting shelled by a bunch of raghead terrorists who want only to do as much damage to as many civilians as it can.
They hit 4 hospitals, 18 education facilities, 1116 apartments and houses, and the list goes on and on. And we're the bad guys!?
Those who supposedly know figure it will take over a year to repair all the damage. At the rate we get things done, it will take a lot longer. The up side is that now that they've pretty much destroyed the special ed school they might just get around to equipping it properly. Don't hold your breath, I said maybe.
Other than our artillery it's been way to quiet today. The last siren was at midnight. Nothing so far today and that is scarier than anything. There's a pool going on when they'll start today. My bet is on around 1500, and that it will be the worst we've had to date. Please G-d, let me be wrong.

Tuesday, August 1


I wish I had a chrystal ball that would tell me what's next, but, as I don't, all I can do is guess.
Guess #1: We will go in to Lebanon and do more summer cleaning.
Did anyone notice that the "victims" of Kfar Cana 2 were amazingly bloodless? And that the CNN reporter who went to the actual building didn't notice anything odd about a perfectly clean pillow and mattress being on top of the rubble inside rather than sticking out of it? I'm sure that the hizzbullies staged the whole thing. They shot katyushas from there knowing we'd shoot back and in the 8 hours between when we bombed and the building collapsed they emptied all the morgues and put the bodies in there, then, blew the building themselves. They *are* terrorists, remember? That's my bet on it. I'm no expert, but the building did not look like one that was hit by a bomb from the air. The blast looked like it came from inside outwards, parrallel to the ground. Something is very fishy there. Too bad we'll probably never be able to prove it.
Guess # 2: The Hizzbullies will wait a while before shooting at us, then hit hard when we go back to normal. This cease fire the West is so hot for will not happen any time soon, but if it somehow does, the hizzies will break it and we'll be right back where we started. Yes, I do think they were very surprised at our reaction this time. The last time they did something like this and kidnapped 3 soldiers, we didn't hardly blink, and we let the so called Palestinians get away with it too, so, why on earth would we do something now? SURPRISE! Of course there is a minute chance that they just might think twice before trying something again. But don't count on it.
Guess # 3 We will keep on until we achieve our objectives and at some time along the way, we will prove who did what at Kfar Cana and world opinion will switch back to our side. I have a sneaking suspicion that the US and Brits already know what happened.
Things have been way too quiet today, and I'm sure they aren't finished with us yet. A few mortars on Metula are nothing more than an attmpt to lull us back to 'normal' Oy if we fall for it.
That's just my 'short take' on it. I could be all wrong. It will be interesting to reread this in a few months.