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Wednesday, February 1


Unbelievable is the only word I can think of to describe the latest survey of Kadima voters. It seems that a majority of those intending to vote for that party of corrupt criminals are planning on voting for it simply because Sharon founded it. That's it, no other reason. Of course there really isn't any other reason to vote for it. There's no platform, the MK list is Ehud Olmert's personal picks, the party has nothing. It's 100% a one man show, and what a man (?).
The goings on today in 'Amonah were a total disgrace, based on lies and treachery. Both sides were 100% right and 100% wrong. Ulmert's gang of thugs based their decision to clear 'Amonah on Sharon's totally wrong and immoral withdrawal from Gaza. He lied to get elected then trampled the very democracy he claimed to represent, and withdrew unilaterally from Gaza. Then today Ulmert went and ordered the army and police to use every means at their disposal to remove settlers from 'Amonah. The settlers refused to accept his wrong headed questionably illegal, undemocratic unilateral decision to remove them and tried to withstand the forces sent to prove a point. Ulmert refused to listen and acted like a dictator in order to achieve his ends. In doing that he gave even more power to those who would destroy us. And that's just plain wrong. They find it convenient to forget that they are the very people who turned a blind eye to the illegal building going on in the West Bank and even financed it. Now they are pretending to be ever so law abiding, when in reality there isn't a law they haven't trampled with their lead loaded army boots.
The major problem is that thanks to all the left wing politically correct crap that so many people have bought into without thinking it through, we have all but renounced our right to this land and are actually legitimizing the Arabs spurious claim to it. They have absolutely no legitimate claim to it what so ever. It was given to us by G-d and we have gone and tried to become a people like the rest of the world rather than to try live up to our g-d given mission to be a light unto the Peoples, or in simpler terms, to set a moral example for them by living righteously and not by imitating them. Yet again, we are on the verge of losing everything we spent 2000 years yearning for, and have no one to blame but ourselves for following the false gods of appeasement.