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Monday, May 28


I can't for the life of me figure out why some stories get into the news and others don't. My preferred Israeli channel-Israel 10 is usually pretty pro Clinton. Can't understand that either. The other day they ran with a piece about Bernstein's new book about the Clintons and it was anything but pro Clinton. What I quite enjoyed, but they seemed to have missed was that Bernstein is any thing other than a conservative. But here he was publishing a scathing expose on Slick Willy and Shrillery. I sure do hope it finishes off her hopes for the presidency. Having her in that office is scarier then Kerry even.
I caught parts of the latest Rosie scandal on Fox and cracked up laughing. They were going on and on about why Rosie reacted the way she did. Well, folks, duh and double duh. She's nothing more that a run of the mill playground bully and she did what any self respecting chicken bully would do. She ran home crying. Yup! It really is that simple.
I so wish Fox would stop calling the PLO fatah.PLO is what they are, and fatah makes them sound more reasonable. They are not. I would also like to hear everyone stop using the word palestinian for a group of people who are nothing more than regular old garden variety generic Arabs with a burning desire to destroy us and America. Why is it too much to ask for?

Tuesday, May 22


I was chatting with a friend who runs a business right next to the post office. The subject of why business is so slow lately came and she said exactly what I've been thinking. People are only spending on things they really need and that there's an atmosphere of something very bad impending. In this town 'bad' only has one meaning. Another war. With so many groups fighting each other, Hamas against PLO, so called palestinians against Lebanon and who knows who else, it won't be long before they drag us in too. There's also a lot of talk about at least three divisions of the Syrian army poised to take back the Golan. The army seems to be very concerned about it. Rather than leak anything to the press, soldiers (almost every family has at least one) are talking at home. It feels like they are trying to get us ready for what is to come without going on the record with it. Some even say that it feels like it did before the Six Day War. Everyone knew it was coming, and it was just a matter of time. I wasn't here then, but if so many people who were are saying that, I know what they felt then and it isn't at all nice.
Knowing that we've brought it on ourselves doesn't help at all. It just makes it worse.
There was a time when we could have stood up to the rest of the world and said" No. Arafart and his merry band of terrorists is not coming here. Period. If you think he needs his own state, find him one. There are twenty two Arab states to choose from." But, of course, we didn't.

Monday, May 21


How's this for insanity? We now have a Libyan leading generic arabs in an uprising against a sovereign government from an internment camp in Tripoli Lebanon. I mean really, what are those generic arabs doing in the those camps? Why are they there after so many years? Why on earth didn't their fellow arabs let them settle in arab countries? Could it be that they know that these particular arabs are prone to terrorism? This new thing Lebanon has taken things to new levels. Bet the Syrians are behind it. News reports say the Al Qaeda is involved too. They really want to destabilize, and take over Lebanon for once and for all. I watched the coverage on Fox for a while but it was so ludicrous that I went over to our news. The way Fox was describing the cloud of smoke coming from the internment camp was too much.They also pissed me off with their coverage of the bombardment of Sderot. By first describing our taking out of terror leaders in Gaza, and then talking about the kassams made it all sound like it was our fault. Ok, so everything *is* our fault. But there are limits. We left Gaza and the very next day they shot kassams. Enough already. Would you all please just get a grip before you find yourselves praying to allah with your butts in the air.

Wednesday, May 16


The Gazans are at it again. One faction killed a "leader" from the other faction so now they are shooting kassams at Sderot in the hope of dragging us in so as to have a common enemy to fight and obfuscate their own infighting. Of course it's all our fault that they can't be bothered to do any thing at all to improve the lives of their own people and that's our fault too. Just ask them, they'll get Mickey Mouse to tell you.
We no sooner dragged our own people out of Gaza than they started shooting at us instead of taking advantage of it and trying to build something good.
I had a disturbing thought last night. I wondered if maybe it could all be a ploy to get us to go in there, and give our friends to the north an opportunity to start up yet again. I sure hope not, but I wouldn't put anything past them.

Sunday, May 13


Here we go again. On the very day of a cabinet meeting where it was decided to do nothing about the kassam rockets that are being shot at Sderot daily, the Hamas and PLO get into a shoot out.
The next bit on the news was about the European and US ambassadors boycotting Jerusalem Unification Day. What is wrong with them? Don't they get it yet?
Why do I even bother about this stuff. It's a given.
I had a nice long post planned but I have a Teadrinker yammering in my ear, and it's hard to concentrate.

Saturday, May 12


Thank you ever so much, Olmert, Peretz, Halutz, and the rest of you idiots. Not only did you make a hash of the last war, and in so doing, give Nassralla the idea that eventually he and his hizzbullies will be able to destroy us, you've also given that idiot eye doctor from Damascus the idea that he will be able to get the Golan back.
Would you please explain why on earth anyone thinks the Syrians should even think they have any right to the Golan? Before you even attempt to explain it, read this:http://www.io.com/~jewishwb/iris/archives/955.html
And then try to explain this away:
- Another 16,000 dunams in Syria, of which only 3,000 dunams are on the disputed Golan Heights.
Bought and paid for. Why on earth don't you tell Assod that he can have the other 13,000 dunams, and forget about the Golan. Seems like a fair trade. Or we could give him the Golan and demand the other 13,000 dunams inside Syria proper. Bet he'd just love it if we started a city there?
It's not his. It's still on the land record books as ours, not his.
It's bad enough that you've bought the lie that there is such a thing as a Palestinian, now you are buying into the Syrian myth that the Golan was once theirs, when it is legally ours. Would you lot please wake up and start dealing with reality, before we all have to start swimming west? The fact that say it's theirs doesn't cancel the legality of the deeds that prove it isn't. Well, maybe it does, after all, an Arab only has to say something once and it's gospel truth to the rest of the world.

Tuesday, May 8


It had to happen. The good people of France finally did the right thing and sent a very clear message to just about everyone by electing a president who will at least try to take France back. It doesn't surprise me one little bit that it happened in France. The French are and have always been equal opportunity bigots. They hate everything that isn't French.
Be afraid dumbocrats, be very afraid. If the French got it right, there's hope the Americans might too. It could very turn out that the clear message they thought the American sent in the midterm elections was actually sent in mirror writing, and wasn't what the dumbocraps read into it!
I also suspect that the French election results will end up encouraging Olmert to not resign. If the French can make a hard right turn, so can we. Whatever happens it will be interesting to say the least.

Monday, May 7


Don't get me wrong. I feel for the residents of Sderot. It's not nice to live in place that gets rockets of any kind shot at it on a daily basis. I know. We had that up here until 7 years ago.
Yesterday one of the kassams hit a roof, and thankfully there wasn't much damage done to house. They had the owner on the news and asked him how he would have felt if they'd been at home when it happened. Excuse me, but 1) no one was home and 2) the damage was restricted to the roof, so no one would have been hurt.I just love leading questions from the press.
The good residents are getting well and truly fed up with being targets for the peace loving citizens of Gaza, and rightly so. Unfortunately there's only one thing that can be done to stop the kassams and that is to turn the whole of Gaza into a parking lot for camels. The entire place has turned into the most chaotic outpost of anarchy imaginable. But the balless wonders in our government will never tell the rest of the world to piss off, then do what needs to be done. We did hit a vehicle that was transporting rockets and there was huge uproar that a terrorist was wounded. The uproar should have been about the terrorist not getting killed.

Saturday, May 5


Ok, so the local football (soccer) team managed to go up to the top league today, but did the fans really have to drive through town with blaring horns? It's not like it wasn't a foregone conclusion. I'm sure I'm not the only person in town who couldn't care less about football. Aside from just plain not liking the game, I really really resent that it and basketball are just about the only sports in this country that get any attention/support. Our tennis players get some attention if/when they win, but that's about it. Our Special Olympics aren't even getting the funding to go the next Olympics and there are some outstanding athletes who should go. What is wrong with us? Never mind. I've already answered that question here so many times I'm tired of repeating myself. I think I'll just wander over to my other blog and write some nonsense there.

Friday, May 4


Last night while watching coverage of the Queen Teadrinker, I almost scratched my scalp bald. While there is no earthly reason for her not to visit and have a day at the races, I can't help but wonder what all those VIPs thought they were doing riding along in horse pulled carriages waving to the crowds as if they were also royalty. Come on, folks. They woman may be a queen, but at the same time she's a queen with extremely limited powers. Ok, so Americans are fascinated by royalty and don't really have any of their own, but really, all that syncopated cow towing? At the end of the day she's just another 81 year old woman. The only real difference between her and any other 81 year old woman is that she lives in a palace, and has tons of staff to cater to her every whim.
I do hope she enjoys her day at the races.
Following the demonstration I didn't go to on TV was interesting. The organizers decided not to have any political speakers, like members of Knesset or other pols. Too bad they didn't stick to that decision and had Meir Shalev speak. He's only one of the most political authors we have. They really should have let a non pol from the right speak too. As it was, Shalev was soundly booed.
I guess my next step should be to open a betting pool on the day of Olmert's resignation. It looks like our intrepid, incompetent, blind minister of defense will go first.
Gotta love those hizzies. Nassralla said during a book show that he admires the Winograd Commission for coming up with the same conclusions he did, and he called for Olmert to resign. Pardon me while I choke. What is he doing still walking around?

Thursday, May 3


It's not enough that our present prime minister won his post with a platform of one plank and a rotten one at that,(I was Sharon's #2), he is now, with a popularity of a whopping 2%, that's right two whole percent, refusing to resign. He has a few friends encouraging him in his refusal to go home. They are pushing the theory that now is not the time for elections, and that he is the only one who can fix his mistakes, among other similar gems of wisdom. They may well be right, but are more likely wrong.
One of his exLikud ministers called for him to resign after he told her that if she did that, he would fire her. As of last night, he hadn't. She is next in line to take over if/when he goes home. I'd much prefer her over Peres.
After hearing the list of all the polititions who will be speaking at the demonstration in Tel Aviv tonight, I've decided not to go, but to go to Nazareth to visit friends. All the lefty peaceniks are going to speaking there in an effort to get their agenda moving forward again in a headlong rush to the destruction of the country.

Wednesday, May 2


Only in Israel could the Minister Of Defense do something so stupid with cameras in the vicinity!
Now the hizzbullies have put up a giant poster of this dab smack on the border to show how easy it will be to get rid us! As we have a new chief of staff, who knows the hizzbullies and Syrians well, they wold be well advised to not too rambunctious in the near future.